June 04, 2021 4 min read

Who doesn't love a fresh, clean smell when you enter the home? Home fragrances are a great way to make your home, flat or room feel welcoming and comfortable. Today we are going to explore the differences between candles and diffusers which are both used to add delicious scents into your home.


Differences between Candles and Reed Diffusers

First, let's just define candles and diffusers to avoid confusion. A candle is simply a block of wax with a wick that is lit to produce light as it burns. In a scented candle, the burning and melting processes release the fragrance into the air. We'll primarily compare scented soy wax candles but most candles have similar properties that can be compared to diffusers. A diffuser, specifically a fragrance diffuser, is a device that spreads scent over an area. There are several types of diffusers but today we are going to compare reed diffusers. A reed diffuser uses reed sticks resting in a fragrance to slowly diffuse the scent into a room. These are the most common diffusers and are available to most people.



This is the main shared element between scented candles and reed diffusers. They are both created with dispersing fragrance in mind. However, the main difference is that diffusers release their fragrance constantly whereas a candle mainly releases it once lit and shortly after being blown out. Some candles can be smelt even when unlit, ours certainly do, but it's diffusers that are there for the constant scent. Diffusers are great for areas where you want to have a fragrance at all times. They are especially useful in bathrooms and bedrooms where you don't spend lots of time during the day but appreciate the fragrance when you enter the room. Candles, on the other hand, are a more active object. You light them when you want the scent, making them feel a little bit more ceremonial.


Fire Safety

Probably one of the biggest difference between candles and diffusers is the safety issue. There is no doubt that a candle is more dangerous from a fire perspective than a diffuser. A candle has a lit flame and therefore will always have a higher risk of causing a fire. Some candles have even exploded when lit. This can easily be avoided by ensuring you buy from a reputable company, never leave a candle unattended and make sure it rests on a heat resistant surface. Reed diffusers on the other hand are highly unlikely to combust as they merely release the fragrance through evaporation, not by burning. Remember that fire safety isn't the only thing to consider when buying candles. Check out our article on whether Soy Candles are Safe and other safety and health-related issues associated with candles.


Light & Warmth

Candles throw their scent into the room by burning and melting the wax which evaporates the fragrance. As such, they naturally provide light and warmth in any room. Diffusers, on the other hand, are purely about the fragrance. Though we'll admit there are also some beautiful designs too. What makes candles particularly special is that having them lit creates a warm, comforting feeling for many. It's become even more popular to have candles in your home through the growing trend of Hygge. Hygge (It’s pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish term to describe an atmosphere or situation that is cosy. Candles are certainly a part of that and a diffuser can definitely not replace that sense of cosiness.



Candles and stick diffusers are completely different products with their own unique styles. Candles come in a huge array of styles, sizes and designs. Scented candles are frequently made as filled candles using a container. They can have one wick or even three wicks for larger models. On the flip side, reed diffusers have a very similar style each time. They use a container to hold the fragrance and wooden sticks rest through the top of the container to absorb the scent. The design of the container can be very varied however and sticks can be coloured to match your decor. Both items are stunning additions to any home and can be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical to use.


Choosing the Candle or Diffuser for You

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between candles and diffusers but they can both work well together in a home. Diffusers are great for a constant scent to keep nasty smells at bay and keep the air smelling fresh. Candles have a more powerful impact on the fragrance in your home. Light them in the day to give a boost to a diffuser's more passive, lighter scents. Use them at night to add warm, light and gorgeous soothing scents to make your home comfortable on an evening. The greatest thing about scented candles is you can easily change the candle for your mood. We have a wide range of signature scents that are perfect for different rooms in your home and the mood you are in.

Lorna Middleton
Lorna Middleton

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